We Cannot remain Silent: Trumpism Must End

I watched in horror as domestic terrorists broke through police barricades and as some police officers removed barricades to allow rioters to move closer to the capital-placing our nation‘s leaders in harms way. As these rioters moved closer and closer,  fear and terror consumed me. This feeling continued to grow faster than I think I have ever felt. 

I remained silent over the past few days because I literally have not been able to find the words to describe how I feel, how I’m affected, and the action I think needs to be taken. 

As I watched PBS Newshour on Wednesday morning, I never expected to see the horrendous white supremacist siege of our capital that I did.

I watched in horror as domestic terrorists broke through police barricades and as some police officers removed barricades to allow rioters to move closer to the capital-placing our nation‘s leaders in harms way. As these rioters moved closer and closer,  fear and terror consumed me. This feeling continued to grow faster than I think I have ever felt. 

I was only 12 years old when 911 happened and that horrified me. But it did not scare me in the way that Wednesday did. Maybe it was because I was so young back then and now I am nearly 20 years older. But as I watched white supremacists break into the capital smashing windows, hurting people along the way I didn’t think, I just reacted.


I wept.

My heart filled with fear.

And maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones increasing my level of fear, but I believe that so many of us out there in the world feel exactly the same way.


I didn’t feel safe to leave my house because I live in a conservative area. But what makes me sicker and feel more uneasy is the fact that my black friends and colleagues feel 100 times more unsafe than me. The lack of police military support surrounding those white supremacists on Wednesday afternoon was horrifying. The fact that it took us long as it did for the national guard to come in was horrifying. Even more horrifying was the simple fact that more black lives matter protesters and supporters were arrested last summer than white supremacists were last week.


Race is a giant issue in this country…STILL. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.

We need to protect people of color.

We need to fight for people of color.

We need to continue to support and fight for people of color.


This does not mean that we react in the same way that these lowlife rioters did on Wednesday.


We continue to peacefully protest.

We continue to speak out.

We continue to lead by our hearts and the good intentions we want this country to begin standing up for.


I cannot begin to understand how my black friends and colleagues feel at this moment in time. I can only imagine based on my own personal outrage and fear. I understand that many people of color have said they are shocked by the lack of white friends saying anything over the past few days. I recognize my privilege here in being able to take time to process it all, I do. And as someone who has been dealing with their PTSD, a horrendous custody battle all of 2020 (which still has ongoing issues), and being severely chronically ill at time, it was such an overwhelming experience on Wednesday that I just simply could not find the right words to say.


Yes, I could have said anything and I did. On Twitter I said that Trump should be removed from office and arrested immediately. And so should all of the white supremacy who rioted in the capital on Wednesday. As I have said for throughout the last four years it is very hard for me to find any kind of level of understanding for those who voted for this “president.” He is not a president, he is a white supremacist attempting to create a fascist America. Did he fail on Wednesday? Yes. But the fact remains that we are on the brink of civil war-there’s already civil unrest on all sides of the issue. 


Speaking of issues, those who voted for trump frequently say they support his ideas. Is this what you support? Because your vote empowered this idea, this mindset that Trump could tear down democracy. That he could send sycophants into the capital to do his dirty work for him. His ideas are based on conspiracy theories, racist rhetoric, and monstrous mindsets. Trump supporters empowered this domestic terrorism with their individual votes. To say, “well I didn’t think he would ever do something like this,” is to lie to oneself. Those who have denounced Trump from the start SAW👏🏼 THIS 👏🏼COMING 👏🏼.


It has been discussed as a possibility and real threat to this country for years. You are fooling yourself into thinking trump ever had good intentions for this country. He even had NO platform to speak of in 2020 except “keep America great.” Which is really just a translation of “keep me rich stupid Trump believers.” 


Pence’s choice to not enact the 25th amendment is deplorable at best. At its worst, it is a disgusting demonstration of enablement.  I agree with the choice to fast pace impeachment and his removal from office. It is imperative we remove this man from the head of the white supremacist “church” he has created.


Trump is a criminal in as many respects as one can think of. He will be in handcuffs this year one way or another and will pay for the 350,000+ lives lost to Covid-19, the 30 million Americans who’ve lost their jobs and income, the 1 in 1,000 (at least) black Americans killed during this administration, the thousands of migrants arrested and detained at the border and beyond, the children locked in cages along our Mexican borders, the shame he has placed on this democracy, the women he’s assaulted, the Muslims he’s wronged, the Asian Americans who have suffered ridicule throughout the pandemic (for no reason other than their race), and the many MANY other crimes, dehumanizing actions, and deplorable acts of violence he has invited into this country. 

There have been terrible terrible presidents throughout history but none so terrible as Trump. 


Your vote is powerful. Your voice is powerful. These two things combined can reshape our world-if used for good. I implore you to understand what is actually good in this world. Take time to consider what is right and stand up for your fellow humans. We are each of us in this together, and we cannot begin to break free of this white-male tyranny until we use our vote and voice to demolish it along the way.


I told my two kids the other day that violence solves nothing-That our words and actions are stronger-especially when we stand up for what is right for us all. We must be wiser than conspiracy theories, we must be stronger than white supremacy, we must be more united than those who seek to tear down human rights. 


Use your vote and voice to keep democracy and peace alive. 

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