Styling By Sarah Potter

We offer three different types of services when it comes to styling.
Each service has customizable options. Fill out the request form to learn more through a one-on-one chat.







Personal Styling

Where does style begin? In your closet! While we do love ensuring our clients have a new slew of outfits to choose from it’s essential to understand what we have to work within your closet when it comes to basics, business, casual, and beyond. 


Step 1:  

We have our first meet up at your favorite coffee shop. As we sip on joy, we’ll discuss your likes, dislikes, goals, lifestyle, and begin to understand your personality. After our meetup, you will complete a detailed questionnaire for your first appointment.

Step 2:

During your first appointment we will take a look at your closet together and catalog everything you own while simultaneously donating or listing on Poshmark everything you would like to get rid of.

Step 3:

After the donation process, we will begin designing a lookbook for you full or outfits and styles you have asked for, some that push you to take a little bit of a risk, and others that enhance your personality and let you shine brightly.

Step 4:

We go shopping together! During this 2-3 hour appointment, we will visit stores together to begin helping you understand what to pick out and how to create an outfit. Alternatively, after approving your lookbook, we will purchase a handful of outfits for you that incorporate elements from the wardrobe we keep and include new pieces you’ll love.

Step 5:

After you’ve selected your outfits we will schedule a seasonal follow up where we’ll discuss how to begin adding in new pieces based on the weather. For our online clients, we create a priority list of clothing with links and schedule a bi-monthly follow up.



  • In-Person Styling: $700 | Online: $500 
  • Personal lookbook for outfits and styles
  • Shopping List
  • Two seasons covered
  • 2-3 hours of styling
  • 1 hour of closet assessment 
  • Each additional over three hours is an additional fee.

Client Love

Kayla Sloan

Lincoln, Nebraska
Personal Styling Client

Sarah has been nothing but helpful when it comes to revamping my wardrobe. I love having her on call to consult on some purchases, create shopping lists, and help me hone in on my personal style. 

As a business owner it’s important to me to have an appearance that is both professional and adheres to my personality.

Group Styling

Want to go in on it with a small group of friends? We will take you and four of your friends along on a shopping trip where, together, we will create 2-3 outfits for each of you as well as provide a lesson in buying basics and denim that lasts. 

This is a great option for women newly engaged and looking to create outfits for wedding events such as an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. 

We also love helping friends put together outfits for a girls weekend, family vacation, and networking events.



Step 1:

Each group participant fills out the style questionnaire.

Step 2:

Red stylists create a personalized one-sheet look-book, highlighting each woman’s style.

Step 3:

Lunch on us! We set you and your friends up with a beautiful lunch with one of our restaurant partners and pop the bubbly. Lunch is scheduled in coordination with your group appointment creating an all day experience you and your friends will cherish.

Step 4:

We go shopping. We work with each woman in the group to find three outfits that help her feel beautiful and highlight her body type.  



Bridal Party Styling: $3,000 | Small Group Styling: $1,500

Bridal Party Styling is reserved for up to ten party members. Includes:

  • One Engagement party outfit
  • One Bridal Shower outfit
  • One Bachelorette party outfit
  • One Rehearsal Dinner outfit
  • Lunch and Champagne

Small Group Styling is reserved for up to five party members. Includes: 

  • One page styling guide for each participant
  • Three outfits for applicable season or event
  • Lunch and Champagne


    Client Love

    Meghan Odmark

    Cerritos, CA
    Personal Styling Client

    Sarah took me out shopping and styled me in so many beautiful, comfortable outfits and thanks to her my closet is blessed with one of my favorite dresses of all time. I’m not fashion minded in the slightest. Before going out with Sarah I didn’t even know what a wrap dress was or how it worked. But she was able to understand my style and my desire for comfort and recommended me a wrap dress I would never have thought to choose for myself. She encouraged me to try colors and styles outside my comfort zone, but never felt pushy or judgemental. (I would have never tried on anything in the orange or coral family without a little push!) She’s so good at inspiring confidence, being real, and making people laugh!

    Online & Box Styling

    We get it! Everyone is busy and is short on time. That doesn’t mean you need to forgo style. With our online option we go through the same process with you as our personal styling clients will, only you will catalog all your clothing and create a virtual closet. 

    With our online option you fill out our style questionnaire, we create a look-book for you, Then, we go shopping for you and send it to you at your convenience. This option is great for the entrepreneur who needs a little help shopping and doesn’t have time for personal styling.



    Online & Box styling: $500

    • Online & Box styling  includes: 
    • Personalized look-book based on your preferences and personality
    • A shopping list with priority status of each item
    • Three outfits shipped to you at your convenience 

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